Welcome to the website of the Royal Asiatic Society Hong Kong (RASHK). The RASHK was founded in 1847 in Hong Kong as the China branch of the Royal Asiatic Society. The objects of the Society are to encourage an active interest in East Asia, and in Hong Kong in particular, through lectures and discussions, overseas visits, and by publishing an annual Journal. Anyone with an interest in the history, art, literature and culture of China and Asia, with special reference to Hong Kong, will enjoy membership of the RASHK which is generally regarded as the leading society for the study of Hong Kong and South China. Dating back over 150 years, our Society is today a very active body, organizing varied visits, talks, seminars and more.

The Society is a registered charitable institution and comprises a Council, chaired by the President, assisted by two Vice Presidents and elected Officers and Council Members, the Activities Committee, Editorial Board and The Sir Lindsay and Lady Ride Memorial Trust Fund.  

The Society is supported by a part-time administrator, on weekdays only.  We therefore ask for your patience in replying to any queries you may have.

  View from Fei Ngo Shan, Kowloon,  Virgile Simon Bertrand © 2014

View from Fei Ngo Shan, Kowloon, Virgile Simon Bertrand © 2014



The November 2018 RASHK newsletter is available here


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