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Local Visit - Tsz Shan Monastery

  • Tze Shan Monastery (map)

The RAS is organizing a visit to the Tsz Shan Monastery on 9th October 2016. Located off the main road in Tai Po’s Tung Tsz hills, the monastery is surrounded by breathtaking scenery, including the Pat Sin Leng mountain range and a magnificent panorama of Tolo Harbour. It manifests the best architectural features of the temples of Tang Dynasty China. With grounds encompassing 46,764 square metres, Tsz Shan Monastery comprises an 18-metre-high Grand Hall and other structures such as a Universal Hall, Maitreya Hall, Great Vow Hall, Tripiṭaka Library, Meditation Hall and Lecture Theatre. There is also a 76-metre- high, white Avalokitesvara (Guan Yin) statue, forged from bronze, the second tallest in the world.

Visitors can enjoy a guided tour, light vegetarian lunch and also a selection of experiential practices: tea zen, water offerings, sutra copying and walking meditation.

Coordinator: Mr Don Gasper

Morning session with vegetarian lunch (details to be advised)

For more details and visitor's guide to Tze Shan Monastery see

Transport: RAS group transport with cost to be advised

Admission: No charges for entry but on-site donations are welcome. 

RAS Members/ Non-members/ guests are welcome but numbers are limited to 25, with priority for members/ their guests

Please email in advance to reserve your place.