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The Legend of Hung Mo Kew Bilingual Version: Street Theatre and Heritage Tour

  • Cochrane Street Hong Kong Island Hong Kong (map)

Central and Western Concern Group in connection with Hide and Seek Tours are
organizing a street theatre performance & Heritage Tour at 4 pm on Sunday 26 June 2016 in Cochrane Street, Central.

Two short performances (in English and Cantonese will be presented telling the story
of Hung Mo Kew (Red-haired Kew), a Tanka woman who came to Hong Kong in the
1850s and lived in Gutzlaff Street. Following the performance it is hoped there will be
an opportunity to participate in a guided tour of the period tenement buildings still
standing in the vicinity.

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The Legend of Hung Mo Kew bilingual version : Street theatre & heritage tour 紅毛嬌的前世今生雙語版 : 街頭短劇及古蹟導賞
Date & Time 日期及時間:    26 June 2016 at 16:00–17:00
Cochrane Street sitting-out area (under the escalator near Wellington Street) 香港中環閣麟街行人扶手電梯底 (「蛇王芬」對面) 

Cast 短劇演員 
Hung Mo Kew - Tanya Chan 紅毛嬌 - 陳淑莊 
Storytellers - Annemarie Evans and George Wan ( Founder of Hide and Seek Tour) 講故佬- Annemarie Evans, 溫佐治 (「程尋香港」創辦人) 

Organizers: Central & Western Concern Group and Hide and Seek Tour 主辦單位:中西區關注組、程尋香港

Language 語言
English and Cantonese 英語及廣東話 
Do you know Gutzlaff Street in Central is also known as Hung Mo Kew Street? Our street theatre this Sunday will tell the life of Hung Mo Kew (Red-haired Kew), a Tanka woman who came to Hong Kong in the 1850s and became so famous that the street she resided was named after her. After the show, we will take you on a guided heritage tour to see the remains of old tenement houses related to Akew.


Please note that this is not an RAS organised event.